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What happens if I exceed my plan's participants limit?
What happens if I exceed my plan's participants limit?

Your subscription will be automatically upgraded when you go over your plan's quota

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As your campaigns grow, the total Participant count of your account also grows.ย 

If you're on a paid plan, when the Participant count of your account exceeds the limits of your plan, your subscription will automatically be upgraded to the next higher plan.

This applies to the Power plan as well, since there is a number of non-commercially available plans for accounts who need more than 25K participants (for more details about the pricing of these plans, please contact our support or sales team).

Also, since we are using Stripe, regarding your payments we apply Proration.
You can read more here:

While still on trial, when you exceed the limit of 100 participants your campaigns will be locked. This means that participants will not be able to join the campaigns and you will not be able to see the Campaign Dashboard.ย 

You can always delete participants to stay within your plan's limits (or downgrade if needed). The referral links of deleted participants will still redirect to your campaign, but referrals from those links will not get attributed to their referrer.ย 

You can always go to your Billing page to see your current quota:

If you have any more questions on the above, let us know! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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