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The Leaderboard / Tempting Giveaway / Start-Up Prelaunch templates + WordPress

How to install your Leaderboard Giveaway or Tempting Giveaway or Start-Up Prelaunch campaign on your WordPress website

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The easiest way to install your Viral Loops campaign in your WordPress website is to use the Viral Loops plugin for WordPress.

The plugin adds a Viral Loops block to the Gutenberg editor (default WordPress editor) and to these page editors:

  • Elementor

  • Divi Builder

  • WPBakery

That way, installing your campaign is as simple as dragging and dropping the Viral Loops block in the page.

The plugin supports all Viral Loops templates except the Altruistic Referral, Viral Loops for Shopify and the Newsletter Referral.


  1. In your WordPress Admin, go to Plugins and click “Add New”. Find Viral Loops in the marketplace and install and activate it.

  2. Find Viral Loops on the left sidebar and add a new campaign. It will ask for your secret API token. You can find that in the Installation step of the Campaign Wizard. Only one campaign can be active at any time.

  3. Edit the page where you want to install your campaign.

  4. Find the Viral Loops block in the builder you are using (Gutenberg, Elementor, Divi, WP Bakery) and add it in the page.

  5. From the dropdown that appears, select the widget that you want to add. The dropdown only shows widgets that are available for the template you have installed.

  6. Publish the page and you’re ready!

Visitors that get to the page will see the Viral Loops Widgets and can join the campaign or see rewards they have won.

Using shortcodes

If you are not using any of these page editors then you can also use shortcodes to embed the widgets in your WordPress pages. These are the relevant shortcodes for each Viral Loops widget:

Form Widget

[vl_form widget='embedForm']

Milestone Widget

[vl_form widget='milestoneWidget']

Popup Trigger

[vl_form widget='popupTrigger']

Referral Count Widget

[vl_form widget='referralCountWidget']

Reward Stats Widget (for Refer a Friend)

[vl_form widget='rewardStats']

For the Leaderboard / Tempting Giveaway / Start-Up Prelaunch templates, you need to install the pop-up trigger and the referral count widget.


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