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How to share an e-Book using the Milestone referral
How to share an e-Book using the Milestone referral

The Milestone Referral instead of our previous e-Book Referral template

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Some of you may remember the Beta e-Book referral campaign we used to provide back in the day. Still, we now have a much smarter concept that can provide you with this solution and gamify your referral.

So, you could build a Milestone Referral and add one or two tiers of rewards with the required number of referrals per each. This way you can have more than one irresistible reward offered to a prospect in exchange for their contact information (aka lead magnet).

Then add the lead magnet links in the milestone emails, so when someone has a successful referral, he/she will automatically get the PDF and/or the e-Book.
Here is a great case study of how Growth Tribe launched with a milestone referral program giving away lead magnets. In just two weeks, they gathered more than 5,000 registrations coming from invites. πŸ’œ

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