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How to use the Newsletter Referral with AWeber
How to use the Newsletter Referral with AWeber

Connect Viral Loops with AWeber to grow your newsletter with referrals

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The Newsletter Referral helps you grow your newsletter with a milestone referral program like the ones from Morning Brew and The Hustle.

In this article, we will describe how to use the Newsletter Referral with AWeber.

Select AWeber when you are creating your Newsletter Referral campaign and enter the Campaign Wizard to configure your campaign.

You will be able to set-up the milestones and the rewards of your campaign to define how people win by referring their friends.

The Email Widget can be embedded in your newsletters to help your subscribers see their unique link and share it.

The Sharing Page is where your existing subscribers can go to find out more about the referral campaign and also invite others. You can customize all about it in the Sharing Page step of the Wizard.

Referred subscribers get to the Subscriber Page where they can join your newsletter. You can customize this page from the Subscriber Page step in the Campaign Wizard.

Now you're ready to connect the campaign to your list in AWeber. When you enable this integration it will:

  • Automatically add to your AWeber list any new subscriber that signed-up in the Subscriber Page (Viral Loops --> AWeber).

  • Sync any new AWeber subscriber (that did not sign-up from a Viral Loops form) back to your Viral Loops campaign so that they can also get a unique link for sharing (AWeber --> Viral Loops).

Finally, follow the instructions in the Finish step to embed the Email Widget in your newsletter emails in AWeber.

While editing your email in AWeber, click the "Code" button in the editing toolbar in the section you are editing and paste the embed code of the Email Widget from Viral Loops.

If you would rather use merge fields, these are also available and you can see them in your Campaign Wizard:

That's it! Now your campaign is set-up and all you have to do is test it. We have written an article about that: How to test the Newsletter Referral

If you like what you see, go to your Campaign Dashboard (the dashboard of your campaign in Viral Loops) and import your existing subscribers from AWeber. In this way, they will all get their own unique link so that the next time they receive an email from you (in which you have included the relevant merge fields or the Email Widget), they will see their own unique link and can start sharing it.

Let us know if you need any help! πŸ€“


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