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Conversion Tracking Feature, aka "actions that Viral loops track after signup/participation"
Conversion Tracking Feature, aka "actions that Viral loops track after signup/participation"

There's a great update that allows you to track actions after signup/participation!

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What is the Conversion tracking feature?

It's simple: is the action after a signup/participation; let me give you an example:

  1. User A signs up and gets his referral link

  2. User A shares the link with User B

  3. User B signs up through the link

  4. User B completes the conversion action

  5. User B becomes a referral of user A

With the Online to Offline, the Milestone template, and the Altruistic Referral, you won't provide a reward for just a sign-up, but only after the invitee makes a purchase at a store, a booking at a hotel, etc.

Let's see... How to:

Step 1:

In order to do that, you should connect your Signup/Website form (if you are not using the Viral Loops widget) with Viral Loops. You can do that with the customs form integration script here or by using Zapier or API calls. (please, ignore this step if you are using the Viral Loops widget and not your custom form)

Step 2:

Then on the conversion step, you can track it by using the conversion tracking script we provide in the Installation step of the Campaign Wizard or again by notifying Viral Loops about the conversion through Zapier or API calls.

But, in which templates and Plans are the Conversion feature available?

Just to clarify and in case there’s any misunderstanding, any conversion tracking is available on the Growing plan and above. This means that the templates:

  1. Online to Offline

  2. Altruistic Referral

  3. Conversion tracking on the Milestone Referral

..are available on the Growing plan and above.

The relevant API call (to track a conversion), as well as the function on the new Dashboard (to mark a participant as converted) and Zapier action (to convert a participant), should only work on Growing plans and above.

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