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What is Viral Loops link style?
What is Viral Loops link style?

"with ❤️ by Viral Loops"

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The emails and widgets of your campaign contain a little note at the bottom that the campaign is made "with ❤️ by Viral Loops".

These appear at the bottom of the campaign emails and campaign widgets. You can now easily remove the Viral Loops branding from your campaigns through your account settings.


1) Go on the top right of your Viral Loops account and click on the Settings option

2) Click on the option below:

Important: This is available from the Power plan or higher.

If you have a campaign using the Viral Loops for Shopify template, please contact us at so we can remove the branding.

Important notes

  • Campaigns hosted on VL pages will still bear a "Hosted with ❤️ by Viral Loops" at the footer. You can remove it by adding your own custom domain for the campaign page, provided that you already have access to the "remove branding" option for the VL branding.

  • The Viral Loops branding cannot be removed for campaign emails sent by hello@viral-loops. If you want it removed, you need to set up your own outbound address and also have a subscription on the Power plan or above.

Don't worry, though! Your campaign will still be made with ❤️ by Viral Loops, we'll just keep it between us. 😉

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