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Create a pre-launch campaign with the Milestone Referral template
Create a pre-launch campaign with the Milestone Referral template

Here's how to create a gamified pre-launch campaign giving access to your biggest fans first

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The Milestone Referral Template is the best choice for running a pre-launch campaign for your new product. 

Here's how it works.

Participants join the Milestone Referral campaign and reach milestones as they refer more and more friends to join the campaign. For example, the first milestone can be at 5 referrals, then at 15, 30 and so on.

To do a pre-launch campaign with this concept you can have the milestones be specific dates that campaign participants are going to get access your product, starting with the date that is furthest away.

The more friends a participant brings to your campaign, the earlier they will get access. 

Take a look at the following example:

The participants that refer just 5 friends will get access in late June but those that bring at least 25 referrals will get access first on May 1st. 

The gamification aspect of the Milestone Referral template makes it very appealing to your campaign participants and you can get great engagement on such a campaign.

Have you tried this concept? Let us know how it went! 🎉

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