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Getting marketing consent from campaign participants
Getting marketing consent from campaign participants

Features to help you be compliant with GDPR

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When participants join your campaign you are getting and processing their personal data, such as their name and email. 

To be compliant with GDPR you should have their consent for any marketing activities you are going to use this data for. 

Viral Loops allows you to add opt-in options in the campaign widgets so that participants can give their consent when they join the campaign. 

The marketing consents block can be added at the bottom of the Form Widget, Viral Loops Popup and In-app Referral widget at the participation state, before the participant joins the campaign.

It consists of a description text, the marketing consent options and some complementary legal text.

To set up these options go to your Settings from the Profile dropdown at the top-right of your screen. The Viral Loops notice text is not editable.

Editing description and legal text 

In the description field you can explain to your participants why you are asking for their consent. 

In the legal text field you can add some extra details such as who they can contact to exercise their data rights or where they can find more about your campaign terms. 

We have pre-filled these options for you but you can update them to match your brand's voice and tone. 

Editing consent options

Consent options cannot be edited or removed once they have been added. You can, however, hide a consent option if you don't want to ask for it anymore, by making it invisible.

For each consent option, you can also add an optional description text that will appear in a tooltip next to it so that your participants can understand more about that processing activity.

Capturing consent

To start capturing consent go to your Campaign Wizard and edit the relevant widget (Form Widget, Viral Loops Popup and In-app Referral Widget) to enable the GDPR fields.

The widget will display the description, consent options and legal texts you set up earlier.

When participants join the campaign, their choices will be getting logged so that you know what each participant has opted-in to.

Changing consent

In the same widget a participant used to join your campaign they can see a link to "Manage consents". Clicking that link will send them an email with a link they can click to see the consents they have provided and edit them.

Documenting consent

The marketing consent choices for each campaign participant are available in the CSV export of your campaign. 

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