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How to integrate Typeform with your Viral Loops campaign
How to integrate Typeform with your Viral Loops campaign

Get your participants to join your campaign through a Typeform

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Typeform allows you to create stunning and high-conversion forms in minutes using their simple drag-and-drop interface. 

In this guide, we will demonstrate how to integrate Typeform to your landing page as an alternative method for registering users to your Viral Loops campaign.

It's a fairly simple process and it will only take a few minutes to complete.

You will learn

  1. How to edit your Typeform to capture referrals

  2. How to connect Typeform to Viral Loops through Zapier

  3. How people join the campaign and refer their friends

You will need

  • A Typeform that you want to connect to Viral Loops

  • A Viral Loops campaign

  • a paid account on Typeform

  • an account on Zapier

Edit your Typeform

Edit your Typeform and add a hidden field: referralcode

Be careful: If you are using the Tempting Giveaway, Leaderboard Giveaway or Startup Pre-launch template, the hidden field value is "referral".

Connect Typeform to Viral Loops

In the Connect tab in Typeform, find Zapier.

Search for Viral Loops in the window that appears and select:

  • Trigger "New entry"

  • Action "Add participant"

After connecting your Typeform to Zapier, it's time to connect the relevant Viral Loops campaign. If you have already connected your campaign to Zapier, just select it from the dropdown "Viral Loops account". If not, scroll to the bottom of this dropdown menu and click "Add new account".

Go back to your Viral Loops campaign and copy the secret API token of the campaign to the window that appears:

Next, you need to map the responses you get from Typeform, to the participant data that is sent to Viral Loops, including the value captured by the hidden field question:

Click Continue and enable the Zap.

Prepare the Viral Loops campaign

In the first step of the Campaign Wizard, set the Typeform URL as the campaign URL:

If you copy the Typeform URL it will also include the hidden field parameter, like so:

You can remove that, keeping just the main part:

How people invite their friends

When someone submits your Typeform, you might want to help them refer their friends to perform the same action. After the Typeform is submitted, it is not possible to show them immediately the Viral Loops Popup or Form Widget so they can see their unique link and invite their friends. However, there's an easy workaround: the Viral Loops Page.

Every Viral Loops campaign has a Viral Loops Page where the campaign is installed. Participants that go to this page can see their unique link and invite their friends so that's where you can direct Typeform respondents so they can refer others.

After customising all other aspects of the campaign, such as the campaign widgets and emails, go to the Installation step of the wizard and edit the Viral Loops Page. You can customise several aspects on this page, such as texts, colours and images.

When you are done customising the page, copy the page URL:

Go back to the Notifications step of the Campaign Wizard and edit the Welcome Email. In the Button URL field, paste the URL of the Viral Loops Page:

In this way, everyone that receives the Welcome Email and clicks that button will be redirected to the Viral Loops Page of the campaign where they will be automatically identified and see their unique link and sharing options.

Remember: as we set the Campaign URL to the URL of the Typeform, this means that all referrals point people to the Typeform and the referral is tracked using the referral code hidden field.


To summarize:

  1. The Typeform is connected to Viral Loops through Zapier so that each new Typeform entry adds a new participant on Viral Loops.

  2. New Viral Loops participants receive the welcome email that points them to the Viral Loops Page of the campaign where they can copy their unique link and refer their friends.

  3. The hidden field on the Typeform captures the referral code of the referrer so that the referral is tracked when the form is submitted by the invited person.

Try it out!

Did you know?

You can connect Viral Loops to hundreds of others tools by using our official Viral Loops® Zapier integration! 😊

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