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How can I set the expiration date on my campaign?
How can I set the expiration date on my campaign?

Is there a way to stop my campaign if I cannot set an expiration date?

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The expiration date feature is available for the templetes below

  • Tempting Giveaway

  • Leaderboard Giveaway

  • Startup Prelaunch

  • Messegenger Giveaway

  • Milestone Referral for Messenger

On all the other templates, there isn't the ability to set an expiration date at the moment.Β 

However, if you use one of the other templates and would like to stop the campaign, we firstly recommend that you make clear to your participants from the beginning that there will be an end to the campaign.

Uou can also do this while the campaig is still in progress to inform them about the exact date you intend to end it. Then, you can uninstall the campaign from your website manually (remove the campaign snippet and widgets that is).

In case you're using Viral Loops pages, you can go on the "Installation" step when editing your campaign, select "Edit my campaign page" and in there, go to the "Sections" tab and disable the widgets from the Viral Loops page that you host your campaign.

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