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Twitter Cards settings

Customize how Twitter sharing looks like for your campaign links

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When campaign participants are sharing their unique links on Twitter you want their Facebook posts to look nice. You can customize the image, title and description that is displayed on the Twitter post by setting the Twitter Cards Settings.

You can customize the Twitter Cards Settings from the campaign widgets (if your campaign is created with the Milestone Referral, e-Commerce Referral, Online to Offline or Refer a Friend templates) or in the Viral Loops Pages Builder, if you are using Viral Loops Pages.

Twitter sharing from the campaign widgets 

You can set the Twitter Cards Settings for your campaign by editing your campaign widgets in their Sharing state:

  • The Form Widget (for the Milestone Referral and Refer a Friend template)

  • The In-app Referral Widget (for the e-Commerce Referral, Online to Offline, Refer a Friend templates)

 🆘 IMPORTANT: Please note that, in order for your Title and Description to be displayed when sharing, you need to add texts on both fields and upload an image (required by OpenGraph).

If you already had some Twitter Cards Settings that you want to update, it usually takes some time for Twitter to update what it's showing to its users but you can override this with Twitter's Twitter cards validator.

Using Viral Loops Pages

If you are using Viral Loops Pages, you can customize the Twitter Cards Settings of your campaign directly in the Viral Loops Pages Builder (this applies to all the Viral Loops templates that offer the Viral Loops pages option).

Just go to the Installation step of the campaign wizard, click on "I'll use Viral Loops pages" and then "Edit the campaign page".

Go to Settings --> Meta tags:

There you can see all the available Twitter Cards settings and edit them according to your needs:

These settings apply when you share the campaign URL as well as the unique referral link on Twitter.

Don't forget that it usually takes some time for Twitter to update what it's showing to its users.

Custom Twitter cards Settings 

If your campaign is installed in your own website (not Viral Loops Pages) and you already have Twitter Cards installed (your developer will know!) then make sure to remove them from the campaign page to avoid conflicts between those settings and the ones you set up at Viral Loops.

Unsupported templates

There is currently no way to edit the Twitter Cards for a campaign created with the Tempting Giveaway, Leaderboard Giveaway, Startup Pre-launch or the Altruistic Referral template. 

In those cases you have to use custom Twitter Cards in the HTML of your website. Your developer should be able to help you with those.

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