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Viral Loops for Shopify F.A.Q.
Viral Loops for Shopify F.A.Q.

Answers to your frequently asked questions about our new Shopify app

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1. I have a Shopify store. What can I do with the new Viral Loops for Shopify app? 

With our new app, created exclusively for Shopify stores, you can set up a campaign simply by completing 4 steps only! The app allows you to integrate seamlessly with your Shopify store and start a referral campaign that can reward new email subscriptions and purchases. After completing these 4 steps you can edit further your campaign settings from within your campaign's panel.

2. Can I have a separate page for my campaign or visitors can only access the campaign through the widget? 

Yes you can! We have created an option where visitors can access a standalone referral page without using the widget first.

3. Where can I place the widget? 

The widget can be placed either at the bottom left or bottom right of your store. Height adjustments can be made in order to avoid overlapping other widgets or buttons.

 4. Where can I find the app? Is it available in the Shopify app store? 

Yes, it is! However, you can always access and install the app from within your Viral Loops account.

5. What can I achieve with the Shopify template?

The new Viral Loops for Shopify template is for Shopify use only and it is a combination of our Milestone for e-commerce stores.

Specifically, Viral Loops for Shopify helps you:

  • Drive direct sales from referrals. When your customers invite friends to purchase from your store, their friends get a coupon when they sign up, and your customers get another coupon once their friend completes their first purchase.

  • Grow your email list with an Ambassador program. People are asked to join your email list so as to become members of your ambassador program and win rewards from your store (e.g. discounts, free products, special offers, etc.). The more friends they invite to your ambassador program, the better perks they unlock.

6. I'm curious about the Story and Chapters for Shopify. How can I learn more? 

Soon we’re going to introduce the whole concept of Stories. The main idea is that we want to guide our customers with specific ways and tactics on how to grow their store through word-of-mouth. For example, an upcoming “chapter” is the Facebook Messenger Giveaway. So, after launching your ambassador program with Viral Loops for Shopify, you’ll be able to engage your audience and gather more Messenger subscriber through viral giveaways.

7. What are the optimal dimensions for the Milestone rewards images? 

Regarding the images for the Milestones of, rectangular ones (with a 1:1 ratio) will perfectly fit the container. We generally recommend rectangular images for the Milestone rewards, regardless of resolution. However, images that are at least 250x250 pixels would be the best.

 8. Is there a way to use only Viral Loops for Shopify to reward only emails subscriptions or only referred purchases? 

Yes you can! If you wish to turn off the milestone rewards, you can simply turn off the Milestone option in the campaign wizard.

In case you wish to reward only email subscriptions and not referred purchases there is workaround:

  • First you need to select Nothing as reward in the Reward purchases step (for the referrers as well as the invitees).

  • Then (if you want) you can edit the Referral page with custom CSS and completely remove the coupon section for purchase rewards.

#discounts {
    display: none;

9. Does an invitee has to join the campaign via the widget in order to count as a referred purchase? 

The invitee does not need to join the campaign from the widget or the Referral Page for the referred purchase to be counted.
However, to be counted as a referred subscriber (→ for the Milestone rewards), the invitee has to join the campaign (using the Widget or the Referral Page).

10. Can I keep track of referred purchases and the referred customer's details on my Shopify Dashboard?   

Yes, you can! 

When someone is referred and makes a purchase, we tag them on Shopify with the tag “Viral Loops Referred”. We also add a note to show who referred them, like so: “Referred by <<email>> with referral code <<refcode>>”. Here's an example:

11.  Can I use this template without the floating widget?   

Yes, you can! Just go to your campaign and make sure the widget isn't in Live mode. People will be able to signup for the campaign via the Referral page. However, due to the fact that invitation links will redirect people to your homepage, make sure the Referral Page is prominent. A banner that prompts them to visit the Referral page will be ideal in this case.


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