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How are the discounts created?
How are the discounts created?

Learn more about the discount rewards in Viral Loops for Shopify

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With Viral Loops for Shopify you can offer discount coupon codes to your referrers when they refer their friends to make purchases from your store or sign-up to your newsletter.ย 

Invitees on the other hand can win discounts for their first purchase.

In all these cases, the discounts are created automatically in your Shopify store, by the Viral Loops app according to the reward settings you set-up in the Campaign Wizard in Viral Loops.

The coupon codes are unique and single-use. They are created automatically when the customer wins them, for example, when their referred friend makes a purchase.
The coupon codes are offered to the customers via the Campaign Emails.

  1. The Referrer gets their reward from the Successful Referral Email that they receive when one of their referred friends becomes a customer.

  2. The Referrer also gets their Milestone Rewards (if they are coupon codes) from the relevant Milestone Email.

  3. The invitees get their rewards from the Welcome Email that they receive when they sign-up to the campaign from the Viral Loops Widget in your Store or the Referral Page.

And that's all there is to it!
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