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⚙️ How to find out if a template works on your platform
⚙️ How to find out if a template works on your platform

Technical requirements for a template to be compatible with your site building platform that will host the campaign

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If you're not a tech-savvy person, you might need your developers' help to understand this content. A workaround solution is to just check out the non-technical parts to find out if you can use the template you like.

Also, you can also contact us at to suggest a template according to your use-case needs.

So, there are 4 types of requirements:

  • JS: Javascript code should be installed on the page

  • HTML: Custom HTML should installed on the page

  • API: Events (such as conversion events, purchases) should be getting tracked via API calls.

  • Sign-up: Custom form submissions should be getting tracked when the form is submitted either via JS or via API.

In the image below, you can see what is required per template:

If you have a Shopify store, then check our new Shopify app!

For every template, the installation instructions are available in the Installation (last) step of the wizard (there are also links/menus that will show/redirect you to the respective platform e.g. Wordpress, Instapage etc.).

👉 In case you do not wish to install one of our templates, you can always set up a campaign fast and easy with Viral Loops pages (a campaign page hosted by us). This option is available for the Startup Pre-launch, Tempting Giveaway, Leaderboard Giveaway, Refer a Friend and Milestone templates.

If you need help choosing the right template for your campaign or need help to get started with Viral Loops, as well as examples, tips and case studies you can always check our blog!

🚀 Don't forget to consult our comprehensive referral marketing guide for battle-tested tips and tricks that will maximize your campaign's success regardless of template!

Hope that's clear! If not, please contact us to help you further. 🙂

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