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Import contacts from Klaviyo as participants in Viral Loops
Import contacts from Klaviyo as participants in Viral Loops

How to import a list from Klaviyo in a campaign

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In Viral Loops not only can you send participant data to Klaviyo, but you can also import your Klaviyo contacts to a Viral Loops campaign.

The process is simple!Β 

  1. First, make sure the Klaviyo integration is enabled for the campaign at hand. You can find instructions on how doing that, here.

  2. Then, visit your campaign Dashboard and click on "Import". There, you need to choose the "Klaviyo" icon and click on "Import".

  3. As a next step, you're required to choose a list to import from the drop-down menu, or select all your contacts (careful here - if you want to upload specific contacts, you need to create a list in Klaviyo first, otherwise, you'll only see the "All contacts" option).

  4. Before initiating the import process, Viral Loops will warn you about sending the Welcome email to these imported participants (if it's supported by the template you're using). If you don't want them to receive an email, you need to disable it from the campaign notifications and then proceed with the import.

And that's it!Β 

After completing the import, Viral Loops updates all the imported contacts in Klaviyo with their referral properties (referral code, sharing URL, referral count.) in a properties group named after your campaign.

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