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Klaviyo Integration: how to send campaign emails
Klaviyo Integration: how to send campaign emails

Send out campaign emails from Klaviyo. How to do this?

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Step 1: Enable the integration with Klaviyo and choose the list that the campaign participants will be added to.

Make sure to create a private API key through your Klaviyo account to connect with Viral Loops.

--> Account --> settings --> API keys - create private API key - copy and paste it in the Klaviyo integration page inside your viral loops campaign editor.

Step 2: You will notice that other than the email addresses, some more data is transferred from Viral Loops to Klaviyo as custom properties.

Custom properties:

Use these custom properties in Klaviyo to personalize your emails and newsletters, and integrate into your referral campaign communication:

Merge Tag




Referral Code

The referral code of the contact.


Share URL

The sharing URL of the contact.


Total Referrals

The number of referrals of the contact.


Check Referrals URL

The URL where the contacts can check their referrals.


X Referrals

The number of referrals away from the next milestone.

You can use these custom properties to trigger emails, make the emails more personalized, and include campaign information for each participant separately, e.g. include the unique referral link in each email.

Trigger emails based on custom properties:

You can create a segment or a list and trigger the emails you want, based on your campaign participants' behavior.

For example, if you want to send out the Welcome email or Milestone emails from your Klaviyo account, all you have to do is to create a segment or a list and add a definition. When adding a definition, pick the "properties about someone" option and use the "referrals" property (within Klaviyo properties).

Example with Milestone emails:

The "referrals" property should equal the number of referrals required for the Milestone.

Insert custom properties within emails:

What you type

What each participant receive ( example)

Your referral code is {{ person|lookup:'referralCode' }} .

Your referral code is: Ohs328g

note: this is something you should not use on each own

Your unique referral link is {{ person|lookup:'sharingUrl' }} .

Your unique referral code is: unique referral code

You have {{ person|lookup:'referrals' }} referrals till now.

You have 1 referrals till now.

You can check your progress here: {{ person|lookup:'checkReferrals' }}

You can check your progress here: link of your campaign

You need {{ person|lookup:'xreferrals' }} to reach the next Milestone

You need 2 referrals to reach the next Milestone

In case you've added extra properties to each contact in Klaviyo, you can use these as dynamic content in a message with the “person” variable and the lookup filter.

Using these instructions, you can customize your Klaviyo emails and create the email flow you want.

Be creative and remember, Viral Loops is part of your product. Blend it in and make the most out of it!

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