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Campaign unsubscribe

How can participants opt-out & what it means for your campaign

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If you are using Viral Loops campaign notifications, participants can unsubscribe from them at any point by clicking on the relevant button, found at the bottom of each email.

What unsubscribing means πŸ‘πŸ»

In doing so, participants are redirected to a page displaying some options for them.Β 

  • To unsubscribe from (a) specific campaign(s) orΒ 

  • opt-out from all of them simultaneously.

In the example below "Contest" is a specific campaign and "Roi Viral" is a "brand" - meaning that if someone clicks on it, they will no longer receive campaign emails from any of the campaigns of that account (brand).

What unsubscribing doesn't mean ❌

Opting out will not:

  • remove participants from your campaign(s)

  • remove contacts from your email platfrom (if you have connected it through an integration, zap or API).Β 

  • affect the referrals this person has brought

If participants want to be removed from your campaign, they need to:

  • contact you and you are obliged to remove them

  • exercise their "right to be forgotten" by clicking "Manage consents" on your campaign widget (provided you have enabled the GDPR options from your Settings). We get an automated email and are obliged to delete this participant from your brand.

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