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How can I add Viral Loops to my Launchrock page?
How can I add Viral Loops to my Launchrock page?
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From your site manager, click on "Setup".

Now, click on "Scripts" and here you should add two new scripts

Click "Add New" and add the snippet for your Viral Loops campaign. It is the one you got when you were creating it, at the "Snippet" step of the Campaign Wizard.

It looks something like this:

The name you give to the script doesn't really matter. However, make sure the script is On and it's embedded in the Head. Enable both these options, like so:

Now save your changes and go back to add another script. Click "Add New", name it "Click event" and enable the first trigger:

This time, the script should be embedded in the body, but do make sure it is On.

Save your changes and go back to the page builder. Now you just need to create a button to launch the popup. Creating a button in Launchrock happens by uploading an image that looks like a button. 

After you do that, click on the image and click "Edit".

On the popup that appears, enter "vl-trigger" in the Alt Text field.

And that's it. Now, clicking this button in your page will open the popup.

Another option you can use is to use a link instead of a button, like so:

That option is only available if you are in a paid plan, in which case you can add custom HTML code in your website. 

After you have installed the Viral Loops snippet (as described earlier), just add a custom HTML block and add the following code in it:

<a href="" class="vrlps-trigger">Join Our Campaign</a>

And you're done! Clicking this link should now open the popup.

Publish the page and you should be good to go. Need any more help? Let us know!

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