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How can I make my visitors join the campaign only after they have completed some registration form?
How can I make my visitors join the campaign only after they have completed some registration form?

For Giveaway and Pre-launch campaigns only

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Please note: This option is available for campaigns built with the Tempting Giveaway, the Leaderboard Giveaway and the Startup Pre-launch templates.
Let's say you have some offer on your website, eg. an email course, and you want to attract many visitors to sign up to it.

You can use Viral Loops and create a campaign that will reward your top referrers but you don't want people to just join your campaign. First and foremost, you want them to take your offer, sign up for your email course.

In that case, joining the campaign should be possible only after someone has signed up for the course.

That's easily done using the Javascript snippet of your campaign and a bit of Javascript code.

Install Viral Loops

First things first, start by adding the Javascript snippet for your campaign to your website, in both the landing page of your website but also in the thank you page that your users will see as soon as they complete the registration form.

If you need help doing that check the installations instructions at the Installation step of your campaign wizard.

Then, make sure you have jQuery installed on both those pages as this example uses jQuery to work.

Submitting the participant to Viral Loops

To capture the participant's submitted data, you'll need to add some Javascript code, as it's described here.

Then, you should submit the participant to Viral Loops and redirect them to your thank you page.

Displaying the sharing options in the thank you page

Now, in your thank you page you should display the popup so that your visitor can share their unique link. This is the way to do that.

This will open the popup automatically in your thank you page.

That's it!ย 

Now your visitors will only join the campaign after they have submitted the registration form. Need more help? Let us know!

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