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Can I use Viral Loops without using the popup?
Can I use Viral Loops without using the popup?

For Giveaway and Pre-launch campaigns

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This article is for campaigns created using the Startup Pre-launch, the Tempting Giveaway or the Leaderboard Giveaway templates.

The popup mainly serves two functions:

  • get the participant's data and submit it to Viral Loops

  • display the participants unique sharing link and offer options for sharing it

You can replicate these functions using some custom Javascript code in the landing page of your campaign. You will need:

  • A landing page for your campaign with a custom form built-in by you.

  • The Javascript snippet for your campaign installed in this page.

Please note that this kind of integration is only available starting at the Growing plan.

Step 1: Submitting the participant to Viral Loops

In the landing page of your campaign, run this Javascript code as soon as the form is submitted.

Step 2: Sharing the unique URL

After your visitor has submitted the form, you want them to see their unique URL and options for sharing it to various social networks or via email. There are two options to make this work: via the popup or via a custom display.

Option 1: Via the popup
This is by far the easiest option and you can be ready in a minute. Your form should redirect your participants in a thank you page.

  1. Install the Javascript snippet for your campaign in the thank you page.

  2. Add this code after the JS snippet.

This will open the popup automatically in the thank you page with the participant already "logged-in" so they will see the sharing options right away and they can begin inviting.

Option 2: Your own display
If you don't want to use the popup you just have to manually display to your participants all the information and options provided by it.

That is:

  • their unique link for sharing with their friends and family

  • their place in the leaderboard of your campaign or waitlist or their entries to the Sweepstake Giveaway, whichever you are using for this campaign.

Take a look here to create your HTML that displays the participant info.

Trigger social actions

If you want to create your HTML buttons that trigger the social actions, see the methods that should be called when the user clicks the button.

Sending invite emails
To allow your participants to share their unique link via email directly to their friends add this Javascript function in your page.

Step 3: Mentioning Viral Loops

If you chose Option 2 before, then there is something more we ask from you. Just add this little bit, right after the form that your visitors will use to join your campaign:

    with ♥ by Viral Loops
It needs to be right under the form and clearly visible.

Need any more help? Let us know!

Note: this solution only applies on custom-built websites. 

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