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ActiveCampaign Integration

How you can enable the ActiveCampaign integration in your Viral Loops campaign.

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If you wish to integrate your ActiveCampaign account with your Viral Loops campaign, simply follow these steps:

  • Go to the 'Integrations' step in your campaign's wizard.

  • Find the ActiveCampaign integration and enable it.

  • Then add the ActiveCampaign URL & API KEY as per below

  • After setup, you select a list. New participants are automatically added to that list in AC.

What you can achieve with this integration is that every contact that is added to the Campaign is added automatically to the ActiveCampaign.

Note: Import from ActiveCampaign to Viral Loops is not supported yet.

Merge tags
When the integration is connected, any new Viral Loops campaign participants will be getting added or updated in the Audience of your choice, along with the following merge fields:

  1. EMAIL: The participant’s email address

  2. FNAME: The participant’s first name (if it has been submitted to Viral Loops)

  3. LNAME: The participant’s last name (same)

  4. REFCODE: The participant’s referral code

  5. REFSOURCE: The participant’s source (from the sharing URL that got them to join the campaign)

  6. REFEMAIL: The email address of the participant’s referrer (if there was one)

  7. REFFNAME: The first name of the participant’s referrer (if there was one)

  8. REFLNAME: The last name of the participant’s referrer (if there was one)

  9. REFERRALS: The number of referrals of the participant

  10. SHAREURL: The unique link of the participant

If the user needs the Custom Fields that are added by Viral Loops to be visible in the contact view then they have to edit them in their ActiveCampaign Dashboard → Forms → Manage Fields:

Extra fields

If the Campaign has extra fields in the form, these will be sent to ActiveCampaign too. If the field is “My awesome input”, the field in ActiveCampaign (and Mailchimp too) will have the same name and a bit transformed tag:

Name Tag

My awesome input MY_AWESOME

Important: Keep the tag to max of 10 characters and make sure it doesn't contain any spaces.

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