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Ghost Integration 101
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Ghost is a powerful platform for creators to grow a business around their content and it enables businesses and creators to have direct relationships with their audience (no mediators!).

Combining Ghost with Viral Loops allows you to grow your member base with referrals which is the most direct and cost-efficient way.

The Ghost Integration is currently only available for the Newsletter Referral template.

How to connect it

First, you need to create an integration in Ghost. From your Ghost admin, go to Settings ➡️ Integrations and click "+ Add custom integration".

It will ask you to give the integration a name. You can name it "Viral Loops" but it's not important for the end result.

In Viral Loops, select "Ghost" when creating your Newsletter Referral campaign and proceed in the Campaign Wizard to customise all the aspects of the campaign.

In the "Connect" step, paste the Admin API Key and API URL from your custom integration in Ghost.



Ghost ➡️ Viral Loops

By default, new Ghost members will be getting added to your Viral Loops campaign automatically. This is what this setting does.

If you don't want that, disable it before clicking Connect.

Labels 🏷

You can attach labels to new members that are added to Ghost from Viral Loops. Type any labels you want (separated by a comma).

Once you've completed these steps, click Connect.

What happens when the integration is connected

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