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πŸ’Œ 7 ways to promote your referral program
πŸ’Œ 7 ways to promote your referral program

So, you've built your own referral program. Now how can you make it successful?

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From leveraging your existing customers to planning and executing an offline referral program, our friends at GrowthRocks have got you covered in this comprehensive article about how to make your referral campaign successful!

πŸš€ Don't forget to consult our comprehensive referral marketing guide for battle-tested tips and tricks that will maximize your campaign's success regardless of template!

πŸ“ For more details on how to draft the perfect referral email, check out our article, here.

πŸ›’Are you an E-commerce merchant? Check out our blog for 3 ways to introduce your Referral Program to your ecommerce customers.Β 

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