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Use this as an opportunity to address their hesitations and convince them to come back and convert.

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Apart from your existing users, you can use retargeting as a method to capture the email addresses of people that visited your website and left without making a transaction.

In this instance you have to keep in mind the same principles that apply to automated email campaigns:

  • Relevancy

  • Timing

You can also try to create a retargeting flow for those that you failed to onboard to your referral program, post transaction. Try mixing things in order to serve magic!

  1. You could also run a Giveaway campaign with the top 100 participants that brought the most successful referrals on your main/previous referral campaign, so that you make sure that these people will keep referring friends (Fear Of Missing Out logic). You could host this new campaign on a page created with Viral Loops pages.

  2. Last but not least, given the Joeywears successful campaign, you could also get inspired from their next step, when they run a retargeting campaign via Facebook with all the email addresses they have already collected:

πŸ‘‰ To do something similar, check our Messenger Template to create leads directly from inside Facebook Messenger! πŸ‘ˆ

πŸš€ Don't forget to consult our comprehensive referral marketing guide for battle-tested tips and tricks that will maximize your campaign's success regardless of template!
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