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Handling rewards for the Milestone Referral
Handling rewards for the Milestone Referral

Rewarding your participants as they refer their friends and reach milestones

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For campaigns created with the Milestone Referral template you can reward your participants for referring their friends manually.

In the future we will provide you with more options, eg. Amazon Gift Cards, but for now, let's explain how this option works.

Manual Rewarding

This is the most common type of rewarding and the most versatile. You can offer anything as a reward to your participants. So, for example, when they reach the first milestone of the campaign, you can offer a coupon code for 10% of your e-Commerce store. When they reach the second milestone, you can offer them a T-shirt or sticker from your brand. And so on.

As soon as someone reaches a milestone, they receive the relevant milestone email, the one that you have set-up through the campaign wizard for your campaign:

Each milestone has its own email which means that you can include different instructions in each one. For example, if it's the coupon code that you want to offer, you can include that in the email. If it's a physical gift, such as a hat or a T-shirt, you can ask them to reply to that email with their address and, say, T-shirt size, so that you can mail those gifts to them.

API Rewarding

In case you wish to handle rewarding via API, it is possible though more technically advanced. For more details you can have a look at our API rewarding on the Milestone template guide or in case you wish to reward purchases, then the Reward purchases with the Milestone template guide is the one you need (only available on Power or bigger plans).

โ€‹Let us know if you need more clarification!

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