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Sendoso Rewarding Integration
Sendoso Rewarding Integration

How to set up the Sendoso integration

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You can now use our brand-new Rewarding integration to send out gift cards, coupon codes, merchandise or anything else you like.

Our Sendoso integration allows you to connect the items you already have in your Sendoso account ( ex an Amazon gift card) with a specific reward in Viral Loops.

So for example you can have a Milestone campaign with 5$ gift card intervals for each step or reward 1$ in coupons for every referral.
Let us see how you can set this up.

First, you need to go to the Campaign's dashboard and click on the top "rewards management"
Then you'll need to click on "Connect" to choose the platform you'd like to use for rewarding.

Once you connect to Sendoso you will get a list of the current Campaign's rewards and the option to connect each reward with the equivalent item from Sendoso.

You will get a dropdown list with all the available items and you just have to match the item with the reward.


You then click "save" and all is done! Every time you redeem the reward Sendoso will notify and send the reward to the participant.

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