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Which actions does Viral Loops track in order to provide rewards to participants?
Which actions does Viral Loops track in order to provide rewards to participants?

Learn when the loop closes in Viral Loops per template (sign-up and conversion tracking).

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In Viral Loops, all of our templates reward successful referrals (people that were invited by participants, and joined the campaign by providing their personal details).

All our templates include the "refer a friend" factor and, depending on the template, the loop either closes when the invitee signs up or completes a purchase, in order to provide the corresponding reward to the referrer.

For the time being, we don't provide loyalty templates in order to track different actions out of Viral Loops widgets, such as Facebook page likes, etc.

The loop closure: 

So, there are two types of actions we track, in order to give a reward to a participant: the sign-up, and the conversion.

1. The sign-up,

Could mean two things:

  • The participation in Viral Loops campaign widgets that is added to your website. That means that the user doesn’t have to also sign up to 1) your website via a custom registration form or 2) your web app that requires a sign-up/login. This would make sense for you if building your mailing list was the reson why you created the VL campaign.

  • The sign-up on your website/web app. Here, we need to clarify that Viral Loops cannot have access to your application's database, so we don't actually track the sign-up on your website's custom registration form or web app. Still, with the corresponding integration, it's doable to send the participants to the sharing widget directly, if they have already completed a custom form or if the campaign is hosted "behind" a sign-up page (check auto-participation here), so that they don't have to type their email address twice.

The templates that track sign ups are: the Milestone, the Refer a Friend, the Tempting Giveaway, the Leaderboard Giveaway and the Startup pre-launch. These templates also support the Viral Loops pages option.

2. The conversion,

With the Shopify, Online to Offline, the Milestone template, and the Altruistic Referral you won't provide a reward for just a sign-up, but only after the invitee makes a purchase at a store, a booking at a hotel, e.t.c.

Just to clarify and in case there’s any misunderstanding, any conversion tracking is available on the Growing plan and above. This means that the templates:

  1. Online to Offline

  2. Altruistic Referral

  3. Conversion tracking on the Milestone Referral

..are available on the Power plan and above.

The relevant API call (to track a conversion), as well as the function on the new Dashboard (to mark a participant as converted) and Zapier action (to convert a participant), should only work on Power plans and above.

But what about the shares?

In Viral Loops, the rewarding is based on referrals (both the aforementioned actions mean a successful referral per case/template), and not on shares. We do track shares and the sharing channels the participants used, but we don't offer a rewarding functionality for this.

Why? For technical reasons, referral marketing platforms cannot track the actual share, but only if someone clicked on one of the supported sharing options. Given that, participants might not have fulfilled this process, and actually make the post on their social media, so, it wouldn't add much value rewarding this action.

Was this helpful? Let us know if you have any other questions. 😊

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