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Native invite emails

Native invite emails provide a better experience for your participants and increase the referral factors of your campaign

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Starting on May 23rd 2018, invite emails are no longer sent from Viral Loops but each participant can email their friends directly from their personal email client.

Currently, when participants join your campaign they can share their unique link on social media or invite their friends directly by typing their friend’s email address in the campaign widget (Popup, Form Widget, etc.) and sending them an invite email.

When participants click the email sharing button to invite their friends, their native email client will open with a pre-filled text that they can edit and send to their friends.

As the campaign creator, you are able to pre-fill the subject and body of this message by editing the email sharing option. You can do that by customizing your campaign widget (Popup, Form Widget, In-app Referral widget) from your campaign wizard.


This change comes with a handful of benefits for you, your campaign participants and their invited friends.

Firstly, the email is sent directly from the participant to their friends which means it is more likely the invitee to open it and check out their friend’s suggestion to join your campaign. 

Also, since participants are using their email client to send this email it makes it easier for them to retrieve their friends’ email addresses which means they are more likely to invite more people.

These both will result in more referrals for each participant and a greater referral factor for your campaign. Win-win.

Note: This article does not apply on the email sharing (invite) option, available in the Shopify widget. This email is not editable. 

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