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Sending your campaign emails from Mailchimp
Sending your campaign emails from Mailchimp

Learn how you can add the participant's unique referral link in Mailchimp emails

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Your Viral Loops campaign sends automated email notifications to the participants of your campaign, such as the Welcome Email that can be sent automatically to every new participant or the Milestone Emails that are sent when a participant reaches a milestone.

You can also choose to send these campaign emails using your Mailchimp account, if you want.

The first step is to enable the Mailchimp integration from the Campaign Wizard in Viral Loops.

Sending Welcome Emails from Mailchimp

For each participant, there are several details passed on to Mailchimp, one of them being the participant's unique link:

OR (for the Tempting/Leaderboard Giveaway and Startup Pre-launch templates)

You can use this Share URL (or the social media sharing options e.g. Facebook Share URL, Twitter Share URL etc.) as a merge tag when you are creating an email in Mailchimp:

That way, in the emails you send from Mailchimp, you can include the participant's unique link so that they can directly share it with their friends.

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