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Web API reference

For campaigns created with The Startup Pre-launch - The Leaderboard Giveaway - The Tempting Giveaway

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Registering new users

Add new participants to the Campaign via the Registration method.

GDPR consent

If you want to capture GDPR consent as well, add the consents property in the user object. The Consent ID can be found in the Settings Page of the app, where the GDPR consents are added.

Getting participant data

Use the Participant Data method to fetch information about your participants.

Get the participant rank

The Participant Rank method returns data about the participants in the waiting list or leaderboard. Only participants that have not been flagged are returned (see below). Use this to programmatically check who is at the top of the waiting list or leaderboard.

Be careful if you are using this API call to create your own waiting list (or leaderboard) widget. Do not use this API call publicly as it will expose the personal data of your participants. Instead, make sure to clean up the returned data in your backend first to remove personal information (eg. emails).

Flag participants

For the Startup Pre-launch and Leaderboard Giveaway campaigns, this API call is used to flag participants that have gotten early access or a reward and should be removed from the waiting list or leaderboard. The participants are not deleted from the campaign, they are simply excluded from the waitlist or leaderboard. This means they are also not displayed in the waitlist or leaderboard in the Viral Loops popup but you can still see them in your Campaign Dashboard and campaign exports.

Rate limit

Check the Viral Loops Web API to see the Rate Limit that applies to your case.


You can use this API call to track how many times a participant has invited others. It increases the share counter for the relevant channel.

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