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How to set a webhook in HubSpot

Use webhooks in HubSpot to add new subscribers to Viral Loops

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Once you have connected your HubSpot integration, you can have any new contact sent automatically to Viral Loops, so they can be included in your campaign and get a unique link.

To enable syncing from HubSpot to Viral Loops, first connect the HubSpot integration in your Viral Loops Campaign Wizard, in the Connect Step.

Once the integration is connected, copy the webhook URL.

Then, go to your Hubspot account and create a Workflow.

Go to Automation > Workflows:

  • Create or edit an existing workflow.

  • Click the + icon to add an action.

  • In the right panel, select Trigger a webhook.

  • Paste the webhook URL that you copied from the Campaign Wizard.

  • Use Request Signature - Leave unchecked.

  • Click Save.

The Webhook URL is unique for each campaign. If you connect a new campaign to Hubspot, make sure to update the Webhook URL from the HubSpot integration settings of the new campaign.

Also, this URL is supposed to be used only from HubSpot trigger requests and it should not be exposed to other services.


Now when new contacts enroll in your HubSpot workflow, the webhook is triggered and the integration will automatically submit them to Viral Loops so they will get their own unique sharing link.

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