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Template Guide

How to choose the best template for you

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Welcome to Viral Loops!

I know you just signed up and you are eager to take the most out of the tool.

To achieve that you need to select the appropriate template for your needs. This article will help you identify those needs and guide you to the correct template

Our templates are referral flows designed to serve specific marketing campaign needs for different sectors and based on different goals.

Let's try to list which template you can use based on different approaches:

1) Type of referral Campaigns and their equivalent templates

The types of campaigns you can run are Customer Referral Programs, Pre-launch/Waitlist Campaigns, Giveaway Campaigns, Offline to Online Campaigns.

  • On the Customer Referral Program, the main flow is when an existing participant of the campaign shares a unique link to their friends and they get rewarded when their friends use that link to sign up or to complete a custom action. These campaigns are mostly used by established businesses aiming to increase the engagement of their users and grow their e-mailing list and traffic on their websites.

  • -The Pre-Launh/Waitlist Campaigns are used as a first introductory campaign for newly launched or before the launch of new products/services and general businesses to create a first pool of early adopters and interested participants.

  • -The Offline to Online template helps businesses that operate physical stores ( like hairdressers, Gyms, Spas etc) to leverage their existing customers to refer others and win something when their friends purchase something from the store.

The Offline to Online template.

2) Goals of referral Campaign and their equivalent templates

The goal of your campaign can be one of the following:

  1. Increase/Promote Sales in general or of a specific product.

    This goal can be supported with the :

  2. Increase Newsletter subscribers
    This goal is supported by the :
    Newsletter Template, The Universal template

  3. Increase e-mailing list/Expand your audience

  4. Launch your product/service

    This goal is supported by the:

3) Rewards and templates

The way you choose to reward your participants is something that might make or break your campaign. You have the below options:

  1. Reward participants for every friend they refer to sign up – The Refer a Friend Template.

  2. Reward participants when they reach certain milestones based on the number of successful referrals – The Milestone Referral Template.

  3. Reward the top referrers of your campaign – The Leaderboard Template.

  4. Give participants more chances to win for every successful referral they make – The Giveaway Template.

  5. Reward participants when their referrals make a purchase or complete a custom action like booking an event, joining your App, etc. – The Universal template

  6. Reward participants when they bring their friends to subscribe to your Newsletter and become part of your audience. The Newsletter Template

  7. Reward people when they refer someone to your Shopify e-mail list or when they purchase something from your store. The Shopify template

PS The universal template can work in all the above categories with some adjustments.

Supported Templates/ Platform and the next best thing.

Our templates are supported in all frameworks of the web except Wix.

Note that even if you want to pick a template that is not supported for the platform you use, there’s a solution called ‘Viral Loops Pages’, which you can use to build a fully customizable landing page for your campaign.

It’s really easy, and you can truly create a page in minutes.

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