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I updated my Open Graph image and text but it's not showing up
I updated my Open Graph image and text but it's not showing up

Here's how to force Facebook to get the latest Open Graph tags for your campaign page

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This article applies to campaigns created with the Milestone Referral, the e-Commerce Referral, the Online to Offline or the new Refer a Friend templates that allow you to set up the open graph tags for sharing the unique links to Facebook.

When your campaign participants are sharing their unique URL on Facebook, you might want to control the image, title and description that will be getting displayed on the Facebook post. 

You can do that by editing the Form Widget (Milestone Referral) or In-app Referral Widget (e-Commerce Referral - Online to Offline - Refer a Friend) and there you will find how to set these open graph settings.

Now, if you want to make changes to the previous settings that you had, it usually takes some time for Facebook to update what it's showing to its users but you can override this delay. Here's how.

Visit your campaign page and from the relevant widget, copy the unique URL. It will be of this form: 

Now visit Facebook Sharing Debugger and paste the unique link in that form:

Clicking Debug will fetch the latest details and in this way will refresh what shows up when people are sharing their unique link on Facebook.

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Note: Facebook might have limitations (especially for the description field) not only based on the number of characters but also for the use of URLs, emojis special characters etc. that might affect the final result of the Open Graph. In such cases we suggest to stick to the use of regular text and search the Facebook Knowledge Base for details or address to a developer for further assistance.

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