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How to use the Mailjet integration

Push campaign participants as contacts to Mailjet and send campaign emails from your account

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Adding campaign participants as contacts to Mailjet

You can have your campaign participants be automatically added to your Mailjet account as contacts the moment they join the campaign.

First, you need to enable the Mailjet integration from your campaign wizard by adding your API key and secret API key:

To find your API keys, check out this article on the knowledge base of Mailjet.

Once you do that, new participants to your campaign will be getting passed as contacts in your Mailjet account.

To add these contacts in a specific contact list too, select the relevant checkbox and pick the list you want to use from the dropdown menu:

Sending campaign emails through Mailjet

You can use your own Mailjet account to send the emails of the campaign (such as the welcome email).ย 

To do that, enable the relevant checkbox and type the From address you would like to use.ย 

Make sure to enable and verify your sending address and domain in Mailjet so that you can use it. Check out this documentation article from Mailjet if you need more help.

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