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Can I add custom fields on the registration widget?
Can I add custom fields on the registration widget?

How you're going to achieve this depends on the template you useπŸ˜‰

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There are times that you need the visitor of your campaign page to provide more info than the First/Last name and the email address when they participate in your campaign.

Even though our suggestion is to try to keep the participation step as simple as possible:

  • Ask just for the email address (email address is by default a required field) and

  • the First name (this doesn't have to be marked as required), so that the emails this person will receive as a campaign participant will include a "Hello Helena" instead of a "Hello there",

we do understand the need for adding more fields in some cases.

Templates where extra input fields are available via template wizard πŸ‘

That being said, we give you the option to add custom fields when setting up a campaign with one of the following templates:

  • The Tempting Giveaway

  • The Leaderboard Giveaway

  • The Startup Pre-launch

For a Giveaway or a Pre-launch campaign you might need a phone number to make sure this is a real person, so you could do so by clicking the "Add more" link on the "Input fields" of the "Joining" step on the template wizard:

Please note that these extra fields won't be sent to third parties (e.g. Mailchimp) via the integrations we provide but would be part of the file you could export.

Make sure to check these articles if you'd like to use a custom form instead for these 3 templates, though:

The rest of the templates πŸ€”

In the Refer a Friend and the Milestone templates, this option is not provided for the time being.

Still, if you create your custom registration form you could include as many fields as you wish:

and more:

Hope this helps, but let us know if you have any further questions! 😊

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