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What sharing options do participants have?
What sharing options do participants have?

Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Email, WhatsApp, Reddit

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Your participants can invite their friends, family and colleagues to join your campaign in a number of ways!

They can share your campaign on social media, like Facebook, Twitter and Reddit or send it via Messenger, WhatsApp and Email to their friends. Moreover, they can copy the unique URL and share your campaign anywhere else they wish.

After signing up, participants will see their Sharing options, which are similar to the image below:

Keep in mind that, in order for the email option to work, participants need to have a desktop email client installed. Otherwise, the button just won't open their email application to send the invitation.

We are very excited to announce that we are currently working on a sharing option for LinkedIn, so stay tuned!

For more details on the Email sharing option, click here.

Sharing options via mobile

Your participants can share your campaign from their mobile as well. Apart from the sharing buttons, we have a native sharing dialogue that appears when they click to copy the unique link.Β 

So as you can see, even though Viral Loops supporta specific sharing buttons, participants can actually share your campaign virtually everywhere!


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