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Analytics for your Shopify store
Analytics for your Shopify store

An overview of the analytics of your Shopify campaign

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While using Viral Loops for Shopify, you will see these metrics in your Dashboard:

Here's an overview of what these numbers mean:


This is the total number of participants in your campaign. Customers join the campaign from the Viral Loops widget that appears in your store (if you have enabled it) or the Referral Page.

Referred Subscribers

This is a subset of "Subscribers" and it's the number of participants that were referred to join the campaign.

Referred Sales - Referred Ordersย 

These two numbers are about the orders made by Referred Subscribers in your store. The first is the value of the sum of all their orders and the second is the actual number of orders they made.

Referrers win discounts with every new customer they refer. These numbers, however, will show the value of all the orders of referred customes, not just their first ones.

In other words, the first time someone becomes a customer their referrer will win the discount you want to offer. If that person buys a second and third time, the referrer will not get any more discounts for referring them but the referred customer's orders will be counted in the numbers you see in this Dashboard.

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