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Scenarios and example Campaigns with Viral Loops
Scenarios and example Campaigns with Viral Loops

Here you will learn how to use our no-code installation tool to launch your campaigns

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Maximizing Referral Campaigns with Viral loops’ no code integration– A Comprehensive Guide"

Referral marketing is a powerful strategy that can significantly impact business growth. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore how Viral Loops can elevate your referral campaigns by seamlessly integrating with various forms. Whether you're in e-commerce, education, or any other industry.

Understanding Referral Marketing

Referral marketing relies on the power of word-of-mouth to drive customer acquisition. According to industry statistics, businesses with effective referral programs can experience a substantial increase in new customers. By leveraging Viral Loops, you can tap into this potential and turn your existing customers into powerful brand advocates.

Viral Loops No-Code Installation

This feature has been carefully designed to enhance your referral marketing initiatives. Key features include:

  • Seamless integration with various forms and touchpoints.

  • Customizable reward structures for referrers and their friends.

  • Detailed analytics to track the performance of your referral campaigns.

So here are some of the scenarios our no-code Installation can support:

  1. E-commerce Sign-Ups:

  • Scenario: An online store wants to boost its customer base. Integrate the tool with the newsletter sign-up form. Customers who sign up receive a unique referral link. They earn discounts for every successful referral resulting in a purchase, and their friends get a discount on their first purchase.

  1. Course Enrollment:

  • Scenario: An online learning platform wants to increase course enrollment. Embed the referral tool in the course registration form. Students who refer others earn credits or additional resources for each successful referral, while the referred friends get a discount on their first course.

  1. Membership Programs:

  • Scenario: A gym or fitness club aims to expand its member base. Connect Viral Loops with the membership registration form. New members receive incentives for successful referrals, such as free sessions or exclusive access to facilities, and their friends get a special sign-up offer.

  1. Event Registrations:

  • Scenario: An event organizer wants to increase attendance. Integrate Viral Loops with the event registration form. Registrants receive perks or discounted tickets for each friend they refer who also registers, creating a viral loop of event promotion.

  1. Software Trials*:

  • Scenario: A SaaS company wants to grow its user base. Implement Viral Loops in the software trial sign-up form. Users earn extended trial periods or additional features for successful referrals, and their friends receive exclusive benefits when they sign up.

  1. Travel Bookings:

  • Scenario: A travel agency wants more bookings. Embed Viral Loops in the booking confirmation form. Travelers who refer friends earn travel vouchers or discounts on future bookings, and their friends receive a discount on their first booking.

  1. Real Estate Referrals*:

  • Scenario: A real estate agency wants to attract more property listings. Connect

  • Viral Loops with the property listing submission form. Property owners referring others who successfully list their properties earn commission discounts, and the new listers receive a discount on the agency's services.

  1. Charity Donations:

  • Scenario: A non-profit organization wants to increase donations. Integrate the donation form with Viral Loops. Donors who refer others receive recognition or exclusive updates, and their friends are encouraged to donate with a special incentive.

  1. Job Referrals:

  • Scenario: A company wants to incentivize employee referrals. Implement Viral Loops in the employee referral program. Employees referring successful candidates earn bonuses, and the new hires receive a sign-on bonus or other perks.

  1. Mobile App Downloads*:

  • Scenario: A mobile app company wants to boost app downloads. Connect Viral Loops with the app download form on a web environment. Users referring friends who download and install the app earn in-app credits or premium features, and their friends get a welcome bonus.

By integrating the referral tool with various forms, these scenarios leverage the power of personal recommendations, creating a win-win situation for both the existing users and their preferred connections.

How to Implement

a) In every scenario you need to connect the custom form of your entry point for participants with Viral Loops by using our no-code Installation option as presented here:

B) Now depending on your use case there are a couple of ways to close the loop and insert some steps in between. You can for example e-mail the referral link to customers who join create a separate landing page for the referral dashboard or even include the referral dashbaord/link in your web app.

The important points are:

  1. Create a location where participants go to check their progress and see their rewards to make it clear to your participants that there is a location where they can see. This can be the same landing page where participants sign up.

  2. Provide the referral link to them. This can be done by directly redirecting to a referral dashboard after signing up, through a Welcome e-mail, or by creating a referral page that they should visit at any point you see fit.

*Important: Scenarios where the referral loops require a custom action for the rewarding will need to choose templates with the conversion feature. The conversion must be triggered once the customs action is completed. You can use our SDK, API calls or Zapier to trigger the conversion event in Viral loops.

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