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Create these three important emails prior to launch with the help of your copywriter

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We always find that email subscribers are the most loyal subscribers to have and the harder to retain.

If you’re using email newsletters as a distribution channel, you already know what you have to do for your campaign:

  1. New campaign teaser newsletter

  2. Official launch newsletter

  3. Campaign closure newsletter

1) Pre-launch newsletter:

For the pre-launch newsletter, we suggest you create a small and fun video, that you can include to a "save the date"/ "something huge is coming our way" email.

📼 The importance of the video

  • To begin with, video is one of the best, if not THE best method of communication - it is very human, direct, it contains lots of information, it is easy to see it and equally easy to share it.

  • In addition, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn Algorithms promote the native videos (don’t share a link from Youtube, but upload it on every social media natively) and they have a much better rank in the news feed than the rest of the posts.


  • We are specifically thinking of simple 15-second video. It’s the optimal short-length for social media distribution.

  • The video should be already captioned so it can be watched with sound-off (which is the normal work environment) not to mention it can be easily translated.

  • Capture the audience attention at the 3-5 first seconds.

  • Spend only the last 3 seconds if there are any to show your logo. The video should capture the audience attention long before it’s seen that it’s about your company. 

2) Official Launch Newsletter:

It's super important to let your audience know when your awesome campaign is born. 👶

This newsletter should explain how the campaign works, set a specific timeframe, show the rewards they can get and make the audience not being able to wait and visit the page that is hosting the campaign to participate ASAP!

Here's an example:

Subject line: 😯 we made something big

Title line: Refer a friend today and earn incredible rewards

Hey X,

I’m going to be as quick as possible with this!

We just launched our referral program; that means that from now, you have the opportunity to earn cash, and various other gifts, for referring your friends. 😎
 It’s really simple.
Just like the pre-existing “Invite your friends” program whenever you refer a friend who transfers £50 or more, we're giving you and a friend £10 cash to say thank you!

But the rewards don’t stop here!

1 invited friend = Experience our fastest delivery, for free! Your recipient will receive their money within 30 minutes.
2 invited friends = Sticker happy! We’ll send you a pack of five stickers that suit every taste.
3 invited friends = Join the gang! Receive a T-shirt and be the envy of your friends.
5 invited friends = Hey, big spender! We’ll send you a brand new wallet as a reward

The best part about it? There’s no limit to how many friends you can refer.

The more friends you refer, the higher you climb up on the leaderboard that can lead to £1000 in cash 😱

CTA: “Invite your friends”

We have <link>all the information you might need</link>, but you are free to ask us anything.

Best wishes,
<fname> at Viral Loops

📝 For more details on how to draft the perfect referral email, check out our article, here.

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3) Closure email newsletter:

24 hours before the end of your campaign make sure you'll create a great swan song. 💓

Thank your audience for participating in your campaign and help them take advantage of the last day with a beautiful email reminder.

Include the exact time that the campaign ends.

Here's an example:

Subject line: The race is on! Just 24 hours left of our biggest ever giveaway ⏰
Email title: Don’t miss your last chance to earn incredible prizes 🎁

Hi X,

Listen up - our biggest ever giveaway ends this Friday 3pm + 2 GMT!

This means that you only have until tomorrow to refer more friends for incredible prizes! We know you’re on the ball, but we thought we’d send out a friendly reminder just in case you forgot. We wouldn’t want you to miss out!

With a £10 bonus for both you and a friend up for grabs, referring friends is the perfect way to kickstart your Christmas!

Thank you for all your support so far.

Best wishes,

Viral Loops

CTA: Refer a friend


💜 TIP: Having the right message should turn into a habit considering the content you’re trying to promote!

🚀 Don't forget to consult our comprehensive referral marketing guide for battle-tested tips and tricks that will maximize your campaign's success regardless of template!

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