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Can I reward purchases with the Milestone template?
Can I reward purchases with the Milestone template?

There's a great update that allows you to now track sales!

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As you know in Viral Loops, there are two types of actions we track in order to give a reward to a participant: the sign-up, and the conversion

🆕 The Milestone template can now do both! We can now track conversions in the Milestone Referral which means that milestones are reached when invitees make referred conversions. 

This means that in order to have a successfully referred conversion *️⃣ , the invitee has to first sign-up and then make some kind of conversion: a purchase, a booking etc. In other words, each referral consists of two steps, a sign-up, and a conversion. We can say there are two steps required for a referral to be counted if this new option is selected.

*️⃣ To simplify, when we refer to “referrals” we usually mean referred sign-ups. Whereas in the other case we should say “referred conversions” or, more simply, “conversions”.

💰 This option is available for accounts on the Power plan or higher.

What has changed?

For users of the simple use case of the Milestone Referral, nothing changes. You can keep using the template as before. However, if someone wants conversions instead of simple referrals, you can now track them properly.

In the Installations step of the Campaign Wizard (after selecting "I'll do it myself"), the user can select how a referral is counted:

The top choice is selected by default for all new campaigns.

To track conversions, the user must select the second option. 

Please note that all milestones follow the same setting, we can’t have some milestones tracked with referrals and others with conversions.

1. Extra Installation Instructions

If you select the "conversions" option in the Installation step of the Wizard, you will see the Javascript code that should be used to track the conversion:

The code can be found in the Javascript API. It's also possible to track the conversion event via the Web API directly from your server.

👉🏻 For the next steps of the rewarding process, please refer to the guide here. 

2. Campaign emails

If Conversions are enabled, the Successful Referral Email is sent when a referred conversion takes place.

The Milestone Emails are sent when milestones are reached which, in this case, is when the referrer has brought the corresponding count of referred conversions.

3. Integrations

The “participation” event hasn’t been changed so anything related to that still works the same. Participants are “pushed” to the CRM integrations when they join the campaign. 

In Zapier Integration, the “New Referral Count” trigger hasn’t changed and is triggered for every referred sign-up, not for referred conversions.

4. Campaign Dashboard

In the Campaign Dashboard, if “Conversions” are selected for the referral tracking, all the counters show conversions instead of simple referrals. All referrals are assumed to be referred conversions.

5. Form Widget

The Form Widget only captures participation. Joining the Form Widget is simply joining the campaign, it never tracks a Conversion.

6. Referral Count Widget

The Referral Count Widget shows the conversion count if this option is enabled. Otherwise, it shows Referral Count, ie. referred sign-ups.

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