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Double Opt-in option

How to enable the double opt-in feature for your Pre-launch or Giveaway campaign

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When running a campaign, you want to make sure you gather as many legitimate email addresses as possible. Additionally to our Fraud Detection system, we have rolled out a Double opt-in feature, where users will have to complete an email verification step before becoming participants in your campaign. 

Double opt-in is available for Viral Loops users who create campaigns with the templates below:

  • Startup Pre-launch

  • Leaderboard Giveaway

  • Tempting Giveaway

We will gradually roll it our for the rest of our templates so stay tuned!

How it works

When a user submits their details on the Viral Loops signup form, they are not really registered yet. Instead, they will receive a verification email to their inbox and they have to click the CTA. 

When they click the CTA, the registration process is completed and they are redirected to the URL you have set in the Verification email (Button URL). This page is, by default, the landing page URL of the campaign (Info step). When the participants are redirected there, they are identified and see the sharing state of the campaign widget.

Please note that verification emails expire after two weeks from the moment the user attempts to sign up for the campaign.

How to enable it

You can enable double opt-in by editing the campaign, in the respective step of the Wizard. There, you can edit the Verification message that the participants see on the campaign page after registration and the Verification email.

Once it is enabled, every new participant should be verified. That means that if someones enter their email, nothing happens until they verify their email. The user doesn't get a unique link and, thus, cannot invite friends to the campaign to get referrals.

Once, the user verifies their email address, they will also receive the Welcome email notification, if it is enabled for the campaign.

What about campaign integrations?

Please note that all the integrations related to the participation event will run after the user verifies their email.

When is the Dashboard updated?

Every new participant will appear on the dashboard after verifying their email. The referrals of their referrers (if applicable) and the referral counters will also be updated after email verification. 

The participants that have not verified their email addresses are not counted in the campaign statistics, they do not appear on the dashboard and they are not included in the CSV export file.

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