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Automatically joining a Viral Loops campaign - Automatic Participation
Automatically joining a Viral Loops campaign - Automatic Participation

Make your audience join the Viral Loops campaign simply by clicking a button or a link

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Sometimes you want your audience to join your campaign automatically, simply by clicking a link or a button in an email. This way, when they land to the page where the Viral Loops Widgets are installed, the widgets automatically show the participant's sharing options and rewards without ever asking for an email address.

You can make this happen, provided you have their email address, simply by adding some parameters in the URL:

  • email=<<user's email>>

  • (optional) firstname=<<user's first name>>

  • (optional) lastname=<<user's last name>>

  • autoDetect=1

For example, if your Campaign Page is at:

and the user's email is, then the automatic participation URL should be:

This will open the Campaign Page where the participant will be automatically identified, added to the campaign and their sharing options displayed to them.

➡️ If you are using a campaign with a popup, you can make the popup open automatically once the participant is identified. Simply add one more parameter:

  • autoTrigger=1

For example, the above URL would become:

➡️ If you also want to capture referrals you just need to add the referral code before the e-mail value:


1) You have to add the following for only email:*|E-MAIL|*&autoDetect=1&autoTrigger=1

2) Or this for email and name as well:

3) If you are using the Newsletter template with Mailchimp, you can use that on your email widget's button:*|EMAIL|*&autoDetect=1&autoTrigger=1

If you want to add those on apps outside Viral loops, you need to find out the right Mergetags for them. You can always ask us or their support too.

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