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In this article you will go through the steps of how to enable Re-captcha security check on your campaigns

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Sometimes our campaigns go viral for the wrong reasons. Maybe a bot or another malware hits the button so many times that gets your campaign exploding.

But you only want the real referrals there, we've got you covered.

In Viral loops we strongly suggest that you always have the following enabled:

1) Double Opt-in, check here on how to implement this

2) reCaptcha verification.

reCaptcha introduces an invisible challenge that runs on the participant's computer upon registration. The challenge itself performs various checks looking for suspicious activity, a sketchy browsing environment - and more - eventually returning a thread score. We use that thread score, among other parameters, to derive if a participant is fraudulent before they even finish their registration.

Crucially, all of this is invisible, the participant won't have to spend time trying to find the squares containing a fire hydrant or a crosswalk.

Here's how to enable it:

0) Read more about the V3 invisible reCaptcha on their site (optional)

1) Login in with your Google account here

2) After you log in, you should see the following screen. If not look for a '+' in the top right to register a new site

3) Fill out your site's information. Make sure to:

  • select the reCaptcha v3 option in the reCAPTCHA type section

  • Add domain in a format like (no www or https as a prefix )under the Domains section

  • Accept the reCaptcha Terms of Service and click the submit button

4) The next screen will show you the Site Key and Secret Key of your new site. Keep these handy, for step 8.

5) Go on your Viral Loops dashboard

6) Click the 'Edit' button of the campaign you'd like to enable the reCaptcha feature

7) Go to the Widgets step of the Campaign Wizard, and select a widget

8) Find the reCaptcha option in the sidebar, and make sure to:

  • Enable reCaptcha

  • Copy and paste your Site Key and Secret Key from Step 4 into their respective fields

That's it! Enjoy your campaign 's upgraded defences against spammers and bots

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